What's it all about?

From Bartenders to System Engineers... It's About common sense and... getting first interviews with lots of employers, without running all over town.


We don't have to sell you.


You're here because you know... Getting an employer a video AND a resume is better than a resume alone.


The video will greatly enhance the possibility that an employer will look at you seriously, and consider you for a job. 

In this job market, with thousands of resumes submitted for every decent job...  you've got to have an edge. Something to make you stand out from the crowd. The video you send out can help get you that all important First Interview.


You've seen companies who'll make a video of you to present to employers.  They charge anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars.


Generally, you only get a CD to mail out, which ends up in the trash.  We've got a better way.


And with the discount, filming is only $99.95  





One Time Filming Charge


Website Hosting

(90 Day Minimum)




We interview and film you, then give you your own website.  You'll have the technology to send an employer not only a resume, but a filmed interview and cover letter as well.


From your website you can send a Postcard (our patent pending technology)  to one and/or up to 18 employers at once. That Postcard (which consists of your resume and video and/or cover letter and more...) drops right into an employer EMail. No attachments. No mailing CDs.


Anyone you send a Postcard... (and video) can view it with any standard PC or Mac.

You become part of a Network  of Searchable Job Applicant and Employer Databases with Audio and Video Presentation Capability.


As an Applicant Member, you'll be classified under the hundreds of specific search criteria employers will use to match you with jobs. And you'll be able to manage and update those files as needed. In short, you have control. And we'll help make your file available to thousands of employers in Metro NY. Decision makers all over town (with your permission) will be able to view your resume and video and match your skills to their jobs.

Fine.   This all sounds great.   What do I do now?

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