Non Profit Organizations:  

RV will dramatically improve your ability to  help your customers find good paying jobs, with our on-line: Video and Audio Interviews, Email Postcards, Resume Postings, and Customized Matching and Job Search Features.



But, for most Non Profits, RV offers much more...


Our technology will create a fully automated job placement system for you. We'll set up and host your dedicated, secure website to manage, on line, all your job placement services. And you'll get this state of the art system at an attractive, affordable price.


You'll be able to...

  • Enter, manage, track large numbers of applicants & job orders.

  • Easily and quickly Search applicant databases to expand

    and enhance the job matching process.

  • Create a centralized job bank, with controlled access to employer accounts for all job developers.

  • Quickly fill job orders with the most qualified candidates, leading to improved job retention and repeat business.

  • Track and manage job development, placement and

    follow up activities in real time, with improved monitoring

    of staff performance and productivity.

  • Create timely, customized  reports.












  • Your website can be customized to interface with your current record keeping and data management systems.

  • We can set up Internet Registration... Customers will be able to pre-register and fill out your forms online.  

Set Up and Support

  • We get you up and running quickly, and keep your system functioning at its peak, with our on-line technical support.

  • We license and train your people.

  • We provide user friendly help manuals for your applicants, employers and staff.

  • You'll have your own rep (a live person) available by phone for help and support.






























Sounds Good but...


Can I see the whole system?





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